Engage. Explore. Experience.

Empowering individuals 14 years and older with intellectual/ developmental disabilities with the knowledge and opportunities they need to engage in the community.

We Believe

Strong communities encourage everyone to contribute their unique talents and abilities towards a shared experience. Strong communities support the right and promote the abilities of everyone to successfully participate in activities, events and environments. Strong communities provide opportunity to join together in service to one another.

We Strive To

  1. Offer unique experiences to identify, promote and build the capacity for all individuals to actively participate in every aspect of life.
  2. Leverage existing resources and programs to serve all people.
  3. Connect people and opportunities that build community.

Griffin’s Place will include 3 Elements which will be phased in:

A Community Space

Individuals will have access to resources, materials and ideas to promote and provide social, recreational, learning, and sensory-motor exploration.

Building Community

A greater number of individuals with I/DD will successfully participate in a larger variety of community based programs.

Online & Social Resources

Individuals with I/DD, their families and/or providers will have access to resources, tools to share activities, and ideas and community connections to enrich their lives and relationships.