We had such a crazy fun time at our Zot Artz event that we had a lot of trouble picking just a few of our favorite photographs from the event, but we’ll give it a try!

Thanks so much to the AMAZING Edwards Center for helping us host this event by donating space and time and resources, without their beautiful and spacious dining room (which we turned into a sunshine filled art studio!), this event could have never have been as successful as it was!

Team Griffin arrived at 8 am in the morning to host a workshop for local service providers, team leaders, and educators where everyone learned how to make art more accessible for everyone. We got to have hands on experience with the very techniques we would be welcoming the community to try out later that day. It was truly a special chance for many different people to come together and learn about the magic Dwayne Szot creates with his handmade assistive art tools, paint, and infectious enthusiasm.

But before we knew it, lunch time came and we opened our doors to all of Washington County and started to really get creative!

No matter their age when they walked through the front doors of Edwards Center, when they walked through the “studio” doors, everyone became a kid again.

Cutting foam shapes for prints, stamping the floor with pogo sticks, rolling paint as one would sow grass seed with a specially designed paint roller, creating t-shirts from their own hand made prints, creating magical paint track with wheelchairs, and using chalk the size of our arms to color— all while surrounded by bubbles which blew into the sunlit air from fantastical wheelchair attachments!— we all enjoyed getting to just be free and creative with no restrictions or limitations on how to enjoy the day.

Individuals played on the floor or danced around on the floor, which had been transformed into a giant canvas. Freshly painted t-shirts were hung to dry on the fence, resembling a rainbow that had been pinned to the metal, swinging in the breeze.

For five hours, we did nothing but play and enjoy the beautiful weather, the joy of unbridled creativity, and each other’s smiling company.

A truly special thank you to Jessica Leitner, David Barfuss, and the rest of the the staff at Edwards Center for helping us run this incredible event. We could not have been more pleased with the way Dwayne Szot shared his vision of Art for Everyone and how absolutely happy all the faces of our participants were that day!

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