After a week of nearly non-stop sun and out of season warmth, we were greeting last Saturday morning by a slightly overcast sky and a bit of a chill in the air. We were worried it might rain, but the clouds held off and it ended up being a really perfect day for a movie!


Arriving early, we worked to get our tables set up outside of the theater, so that we could greet everyone as soon as they walked up towards the theater.


Nearly our entire board was on hand, as this was such a big and exciting event, plus a handful of dedicated volunteers. It was a Sea of Teal and with all the balloons and banners it was a real party atmosphere! We were even lucky enough to be joined by local professional photographer, Nate Meeds, who volunteered his time to help us capture the event!



We had thought ahead about some of the aspects of what can make a movie hard to sit through, even if we did choose such an awesome movie as Zootopia. So as we handed out tickets to our guests, we also handed out Tangles, a really fun fidget toy that would give idle hands something to do while watching the film.



We also had flyers and information about our future events, which got everyone talking. Turns out dancing and salsa are big hits with everyone!






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Once we got everyone settled in the auditorium, we asked how they felt about the light levels and the sound of the previews, so that we could make sure every aspect of the movie going experience was tailored specifically to *our* audience. For me, it felt like I was in my own private theater and we got to have total control over every aspect, which was great.





The film, Zooptopia, was a great choice and a big hit. We have a little write up on the film, which can be found over here, which is explains in detail why we choose the film, but turns out no one needed to know why we chose it to have a good time or get the take away message. I was stopped by one of the participants on her way out of the auditorium and she enthusiastically smiled and said, “I get it! They are just like us! No one is the same, but they all got jobs. Just like we get jobs!” It was pretty amazing to see everyone walking out with big smiles on their faces!

Towards the end of the film there is a great bit where there is a full-on shake-your-booty song and I am happy to say that for the first time at a film, I did not feel even a bit self-conscious getting up and dancing to it, mostly because other audience members joined me!

In the end, it was a really amazing event, kicking off a summer of big events! We have so many projects in the works and so much we want to do as we continue to strive to serve the Washington County community. We hope you will join us at our next event and help us make Griffin’s Place even better!

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