A few months ago, Griffin’s Place Team received an invitation from the local Davis family and it was one that we were excited to receive.

You see, the Davis family is no ordinary family. They have an absolutely spectacular collection of antique and classic cars! Once a year they shine them up and line them up in their creatively painted warehouse and invite the public to come and share the enjoyment of 170 beautiful pieces of history.


The name of the Davis’ family’s automobile collection is “Papa’s Toys”, and it all began with a 1957 Ford Thunderbird as well as memories of past cars owned by John and Susan Davis. The two acknowledged that cars have a certain beauty and spunk that is hard to look at without wanting to take home, so soon they were finding new “toys” to add to their collection.


Their collection now consists of 170 “Toys”: an eclectic mix of street rods, classics, customs, race cars, and special interest vehicles. Although this year marked a downsizing of the collection, the family is still enthusiastic about their “toys”.

Clearly, they are enthusiastic because it’s no small feat to arrange huge crowds of people onto their property to view a unique car collection, and yet that is what they do every single year. For any car fan this is a must attend show, but it’s extra special for the local community because 100% of the proceeds from donations and apparel sales are donated to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital to benefit sick kids and their families. This generosity has got to be part of the enthusiasm and dedication to putting on this event every year.

Bre Davis, who had a connection with one of the board members at Griffin’s Place, reached out to us to see if our group would like to be part of the event. She said they could do something special for our group by arranging to have an hour after the show to look at the cars up close and even get to sit inside them! Of course we said yes!

The day of the car show, it ended up being a rainy day and on my long,winding drive to Cornelius, OR, I hoped the weather wouldn’t dim the fun. I had nothing to worry about though! Food,tables and chairs had been set out under the warehouse’s canopy, right by the entrance, which was a wide, gentling sloping ramp— easy to get in and out of the building for everyone, even the cars!


When our attendees arrived they got to munch on healthy snacks of fresh fruit,veggies, pita and hummus, and gluten-free cookies, while we talked about our new activity survey and asked for suggestions for future events. Then we started going in small groups to see the show! We arrived an hour before the show closed and walked around with the rest of the excited car community, bobbing our heads to the crooning voices of Elvis and Bobby Darin. There were SO many cars and many for the first time were up for sale. It was fun to go around the warehouse and look over each curved headlight and flashy fin, and choose our favorite car…we contemplated whether or not we had enough money to buy it or if we should ask for it for our birthday!IMG_7597


The warehouse started to thin out and it was just our group of excited car fanatics. We lined up to sit in our favorite cars and posed with big smiles for pictures! The warehouse was a big open space, so even though there was loud music playing, the sound was evenly spread out and not overwhelming; it was easy to dance around and have a conversation. As the afternoon was wrapping up, Griffin’s Place peeps were given special “swag bags” with Papa’s Toys shirts and hats, this was the icing on the cake of a perfect day we spent with the Davis family.

We cannot thank the Davis family enough for not only actively thinking of Griffin’s Place and asking us to be a part of their special event, but also for their generosity of staying later than usual, providing snacks, and giving us neat “Papa’s Toy’s” gear! The accommodations made gave our clients the extra space to be themselves and freedom to touch the cars and inspect what made each car special. It was one of the best rainy days a person could have had, we all really enjoyed it!

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