Happy Summer! Summer 2016 is now OFFICIALLY here, but we at Team Griffin don’t always get to spend every minute playing in the sunshine, as much as we wish we did. If you, like us, have work to do on your computer, you may like these new computer wallpapers we whipped up as much as we do!

First up is my personal fave— a yummy donut topped with sprinkles in Team Griffin colors on the BRIGHTEST pink background we could come up with. It reminds us to “Donut worry!” and be happy!

donut worry!

Griffin’s Place Donut Worry, Be Happy Wallpaper

Next up, for those days when you want to be lounging by the pool, we got you covered there as well. Bright, sunny yellows are going to make you glow and stay in a happy mood all day long, even if you won’t be near the water all day.

Pop Art Pool!

Griffin’s Place Pop Art Pool Wallpaper

Finally, peaceful but still fun, imagine a relaxing as the sun slowly sets on a serene lake, but still keeping with the fun, summery pop-art vibe we had in mind when creating this set of computer wallpapers and backgrounds.

Pop Art Lake

Griffin’s Place Serene Pop Art Lake Wallpaper

All you need to do to use these wallpapers is click on the link, which will open a new page, and then you can “right” click and save it. Then go to your settings and “Set As” your background and you are ready for Summer!

Team Griffin hopes you LOVE these as much as we do and that they brighten your day. They are all made to pop and get you excited about summer, so let us know if you like them as much as we do!

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